Roy Freiman

As your Assemblyman, Roy has used his business and financial background to help New Jersey families save on property taxes, prescription drugs, and put money back into critical services for them. Roy believes that New Jersey’s goal should be a real opportunity for all working families.

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Roy Freiman is a husband, family man, and former business leader who got things done. He left the private sector and ran for office because he wanted to find ways that government could save costs and make smart investments for the future of Central Jersey. Roy uses his financial experience to invest in services like education, agriculture, open spaces, and road repair, while rooting out wasteful spending. He has consistently ensured organizations like Planned Parenthood have the funding to serve our community.

A long-time resident of Central New Jersey, Roy is dedicated to building on the quality of life that brings residents and visitors to his region, including outdoor recreation, parks and historic sites, high-quality-schools, and local farms.

As the Chairman of the New Jersey Assembly Agriculture and Food Security Committee, he is working hard to “keep the garden in the Garden State.” He strongly believes in preserving farms while also creating conditions that enable farmers to thrive economically.

Indeed, Roy has a proven track record of supporting small business owners, who employ half the nation’s workforce and are pillars of 16th District communities. In 2022, he led the charge to undo burdensome new state regulations of craft breweries, who are emerging as key community hubs and tourism draws.

Roy and his wife Victoria, a retired public-school teacher, have two grown children, Allison and David, and live in Hillsborough with their dogs, Harley and Penney.

Roy’s Key Issues

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Making New Jersey more affordable through prudent fiscal management, property tax relief and by creating opportunities for high-paying jobs.

Supporting farmers and putting the Garden back in the Garden State. Agriculture needs to be an important part of our future, not just New Jersey’s history. Farmland preservation, agritourism, and craft beverages, are important ingredients for a thriving economy.

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Eliminating obstacles that hold back small businesses is a key priority. New Jersey must be a place where it is easy to open and expand business on our main streets and throughout the state.

Investing in public parks to benefit residents and promote the local economy. Parks, wilderness areas, and open spaces contribute to a quality of life that makes New Jersey a place people want to live, work, and play.

Improving access to health services and lowering the cost of health care. We need to make sure everyone gets the care they need, free from political interference.