LD16 Democrats Statement on the Targeted Attack by Project Veritas Against HiTOPS 

Sep 16, 2023


PRINCETON, NJ — HiTOPS, a Princeton-based nonprofit that fosters strong and healthy young people of all identities was targeted this week by Project Veritas, a nationally known extremist far-right group that uses deceptive tactics to attack organizations and the media, and to influence elections. 

The 16th District Democrats issued the following statement of support for HiTOPS, and they condemned the hate group’s targeted attack:


“For more than 35 years, HiTOPS has provided youth-informed sex education and LGBTQ+ support for young people throughout New Jersey and we stand in solidarity with their mission and their staff, who continue to provide critical education and support to students and their families. We also condemn the conspiracy organization Project Veritas, whose targeted attack put the safety of HiTOPS team members and the countless students they serve in danger. If Project Veritas truly cares about helping young people, they need look no further than ceasing their own operation.”


HiTOPS is recognized around the state as a trusted expert in age-appropriate sex education, and the creation of affirming environments for all students. We know that HiTOPS will not be intimidated or back down, and we are grateful for their commitment to youth and their families.  

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