Senator Zwicker and Assemblyman Freiman Announce Funding for High Bridge Water Line Project 

Aug 18, 2023


$4 million in funding will assist in replacing 100 year old infrastructure and increase safety and reliability.

High Bridge, NJ On Thursday evening, at the High Bridge Council Meeting, Senator Andrew Zwicker and Assemblyman Roy Freiman announced that they had secured $4 million dollars of funding in the state budget for the High Bridge Water Main Line Project. 

Pictured, left to right: Assemblyman Roy Freiman, Senator Andrew Zwicker, High Bridge Mayor Michele Lee

Pictured, left to right: Councilman Alan Schwartz, Councilman Christopher Graham, Assemblyman Roy Freiman, Councilman Kenneth Doyle, Senator Andrew Zwicker, Councilmember Curtis Nowell, High Bridge Mayor Michele Lee, Councilman Steven Sylvestri, Councilwoman Natalie Ferry

The project will be used in part to replace the 100-year-old water line that runs through both the Borough and Voorhees State Park, and comes after joint advocacy efforts between High Bridge Mayor Michele Lee and Senator Zwicker. 

“Throughout my career as both a scientist and a legislator, I have fought to ensure that our families have access to a clean and healthy environment. We tend to take access to clean water for granted, but safe and reliable water infrastructure is critically important to our daily lives. This funding will ensure the residents of High Bridge have access to clean water for future generations,” said Senator Zwicker.

“Investments and successes like these are one of the best parts of public service,” said Assemblyman Freiman. “Being able to deliver in necessary, tangible ways for local communities and our families, and returning hard-earned taxpayer dollars directly back into our neighborhoods. This critical funding for High Bridge will ensure their infrastructure and clean water supply remain reliable.”

Local officials and residents have expressed gratitude for the efforts of both lawmakers. High Bridge Mayor Michele Lee stated, “This funding for High Bridge is unprecedented, and a testament to the dedication of Senator Zwicker and Assemblyman Freiman to the future of our town. Their commitment to the well-being of our residents is unparalleled.”


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